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A Book for Kids by C. J. (Clarence James) Dennis
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A Book for Kids by C J Dennis (1921)

reissued as Roundabout (1935)

A very charming gentleman, as old as old could be,
Stared a while, and glared a while, and then he said to me:
"Read your books, and heed your books, and put your books away,
For you will surely need your books upon a later day."
And then he wheezed and then he sneezed, and gave me such a look.
And he said, "Mark--ME--boy! Be careful of your book."

A very charming gentleman, indeed, he seemed to be.
He heaved a sigh and wiped his eye, and then he said to me:
"Take your books and make your books companions--never toys;
For they who so forsake their books grow into gawky boys."
I don't know who he was. Do you? he snuffled at the end;
And he said, "Mark--ME--boy! Your book should be your friend."


To all good children over four
And under four-and-eighty
Be you not over-prone to pore
On matters grave and weighty.
Mayhap you'll find within this book
Some touch of Youth's rare clowning,
If you will condescend to look
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