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Jacob Behmen - an appreciation by Alexander Whyte
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Jacob Behmen
an Appreciation
by Alexander Whyte

author of 'Characters and Characteristics of William Law' etc.

Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier
30 St. Mary Street, Edinburgh, and
24 Old Bailey, London

This lecture was delivered at the opening of my Classes for the study of
the pre-Reformation, Reformation, and post-Reformation Mystics during
Session 1894-5. A Lecture on WILLIAM LAW was delivered at the opening of
a former Session as an Introduction to the whole subject of Mysticism.

A. W.

5_th November_ 1894.

Jacob Behmen

Jacob Behmen, the greatest of the mystics, and the father of German
philosophy, was all his life nothing better than a working shoemaker. He
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