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Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, February 18th, 1920 by Various
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VOL. 158.

February 18th, 1920.


Writing in the _Echo de Paris_ "PERTINAX" asks Mr. LLOYD GEORGE to make
some quite clear statement regarding his advice to electors. There is more
innocence in Paris than you might suppose.

* * *

Professor WALLER has demonstrated by experiment that emotion can be
measured. At the same time he discouraged the man who asked for a couple of
yards of Mr. CHURCHILL'S feelings when reading _The Morning Post_.

* * *

Sir THOMAS LIPTON'S challenge for the America Cup has been accepted by the
New York Yacht Club. It appears that neither Mr. Secretary DANIELS nor
"President" DE VALERA was consulted.

* * *
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