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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 58, December 16, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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We also told you that there is a clause in the Austrian constitution
which gives the Emperor power to act on his own authority without
consulting the people, in case of emergency.

But Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, backed by
this powerful clause, has not been strong enough to protect his Prime
Minister, and in the face of the anger of the people has not dared to
use the privilege which the constitution gives him.

This is a great chapter in history. It all happened in this way:

We told you in the last number how the Government rushed a resolution
through the Reichsrath, which gave the President of the House the power
to suspend unruly members and prevent them from entering the chamber.

As soon as the Reichsrath reassembled, it became evident to the
opposition that the Government considered the resolution legally passed,
and intended to act on it.

This so enraged the deputies that no sooner was the sitting declared
open than they rushed to the President's tribune, seized the papers on
his desk, tore them, and scattered them over the house.

The attendants had not been prepared for this rush, and had allowed some
of the angry members to pass through the gate which had been made in the
fence around the tribune.

As soon as they realized what was passing, they fought and buffeted the
intruders, until they had expelled them from the enclosure, and the
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