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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 59, December 23, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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While, as you can readily see, the Slavonic races considerably outnumber
the Germans and the Magyars, the government is vested in these two
latter races, and therefore the Slavs are forced to obey the will of the
governing people. They do so, as we have seen, with a very bad grace.

Between the Magyars and the Germans there is no great friendliness, but
the Hungarians have their own parliament, and are independent in many
things. Between the Austrians and the Czechs there is an intense and
undying antipathy, which it seems impossible to overcome.

The Bohemians would like to be as independent as the Hungarians, but
their desires are not heeded, and they are forced to submit to the
government of the Austrian Reichsrath or parliament.

In this assembly, however, they can show their true sentiments, and the
friction between the rival races is extraordinary. If the Bohemians want
any special laws made, the Germans oppose them. If the Germans try to
get a measure through the parliament that is for their benefit alone,
the Czechs combine to defeat it.

When, therefore, the German party succeeded in ousting Count Badeni, the
Czechs were furious.

The German Austrians foolishly celebrated their victory with bonfires
and illuminations, making a fĂȘte of the success which was so hateful to
the Czechs.

The angry Bohemians sought revenge in riot.

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