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Makers of Madness - A Play in One Act and Three Scenes by Hermann Hagedorn
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New York

_All rights reserved_



Set up and electrotyped. Published November, 1914.

This play has been copyrighted and published simultaneously in the
United States and Great Britain. All acting rights, both professional
and amateur, are reserved in the United States, Great Britain, and
countries of the Copyright Union, by Hermann Hagedorn. Performances
forbidden and right of representation reserved. Application for the
right of performing this piece must be made to The Macmillan Company.
Any piracy or infringement will be prosecuted in accordance with the
penalties provided by the United States Statutes:

"Sec. 4966. Any person publicly performing or representing any dramatic
or musical composition, for which copyright has been obtained, without
the consent of the proprietor of the said dramatic or musical
composition, or his heirs or assigns, shall be liable for damages
therefor, such damages in all cases to be assessed at such sum, not less
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