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Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (8 of 8) - The Eight Booke of the Historie of England by Raphael Holinshed
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_Edward the third of that name is chosen king of England by a generall
consent, ambassadours are sent to attend him homewardes to his
kingdome, and to informe him of his election, William duke of
Normandie accompanieth him, Edward is crowned king, the subtill
ambition or ambitious subtiltie of earle Goodwine in preferring Edward
to the crowne and betraieng Alfred; the Danes expelled and rid out of
this land by decree; whether earle Goodwine was guiltie of Alfreds
death, king Edward marieth the said earles daughter, he forbeareth to
haue carnall knowledge with hir, and why? he useth his mother
queene Emma verie hardlie, accusations brought against hir, she is
dispossessed of hir goods, and imprisoned for suffering bishop Alwine
to haue the vse of hir bodie, she purgeth and cleareth hir selfe after
a strange sort, hir couetousnesse: mothers are taught (by hir example)
to loue their children with equalitie: hir liberall deuotion to
Winchester church cleared hir from infamie of couetousnesse, king
Edward loued hir after hir purgation, why Robert archbishop of
Canturburie fled out of England into Normandie._

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