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Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, July 7th, 1920 by Various
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VOL. 159.

July 7th, 1920.

[Illustration: Punch Vol. Clix.]

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[Illustration: VOL. CLIX.]

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About a month ago we lost our dog. I can't describe him, although I have
tried from time to time; but Elaine, my wife, said I should not speak in
that fashion of a dumb animal. He stands about two hands high, is of a
reseda-green shade, except when in anger, and has no distinguishing marks
except the absence of a piece of the right ear, which was carried off by a
marauding Irish terrier. He answers with a growl to many names, including
that of Timon. He will also answer to a piece of raw meat, another dog or a

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