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Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (2 of 12) - William Rufus by Raphael Holinshed
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[Sidenote: 1087. An. Reg. 1.] William, surnamed Rufus or William the
Red, second sonne to William Conqueror, began his reigne ouer England
the ninth of September, in the yeare 1087. about the 31. yeare of the
emperour Henrie the fourth, and the 37. of Philip the first, king of
France, Urbane the second then gouerning the sée of Rome, and Malcolme
Cammoir reigning in Scotland. [Sidenote: _Polydor._ _Sim. Dunel._
_Matth. Paris._] Immediatlie after his fathers deceasse, and before
the solemnitie of the funerals were executed, he came ouer into
England with no lesse spéed than was possible, and following the
counsell of Lanfranke archbishop of Canturburie (in whome he reposed
all his trust) he sought to win the fauour of the Péers and Nobilitie
of the realme by great and liberall gifts. For although there were but
few of the homeborne states that bare rule in the land at this
season; yet those that remained, and whome his father in extreme sort
had wronged, he verie gentlie enterteined, promising them not onlie to
continue their good lord and souereigne, but also to make more
fauourable ordinances than his father had left behind him; and
furthermore to restore the former lawes and liberties of the realme,
which his said father had abolished. Thus by faire words and politic
he obtained his purpose. [Sidenote: _Sim. Dunel._ Marchar and Wilnot.]
Howbeit soone after he forgat himselfe, and imprisoned Marchar and
Wilnot, whom he had brought ouer with him from Normandie, being set at
libertie by his father.

[Sidenote: Lanfranke had fauoured him euen of a child. _Matth. Paris._
William Rufus is crowned the 26. of September. _Polydor._ His
bountifull munificence.] The nobles at the first wished rather to haue
had the elder brother duke Robert to haue gouerned them: howbeit by
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