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Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (3 of 12) - Henrie I. by Raphael Holinshed
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the other side ceased not to promise mountaines, till his enterprise
tooke effect; and then at leisure paied some of them with molhils as by
the sequele of the storie shall more at large appéere.

This Henrie therefore comming thus to the crowne, considered furthermore
with himselfe, that hereafter, when his eldest brother Robert should
returne, and vnderstand how the matter was brought about, he would
thinke himselfe to haue had much wrong, and béene verie euill dealt
withall, sith that as well by birthright, as also by agréement made with
his brother William Rufus, he ought of right to be preferred, and
therevpon would not faile but make earnest claime against him.
[Sidenote: The king séeketh to win the peoples fauour.] Wherefore yer he
should come home out of the holie land (where he then remained) the king
studied by all possible meanes how to gratifie all the states of his
realme, & to plant in their harts some good opinion of him. And first of
all he reformed such things as his brother had left verie preiudiciall
to the estate of the church, setting the same frée which before was sore
oppressed. [Sidenote: _Simon Dun._ _Hen. Hunt._ _Matth. Paris._] And
furthermore, somewhat to reléeue the common-wealth, he promised to
restore the lawes of good king Edward, and to abolish or amend those
which by his father and brother were alreadie ordeined to the hurt &
preiudice of the old ancient liberties of the realme of England.
[Sidenote: Anselme called home.] He reuoked Anselme the archbishop of
Canturburie out of exile, who fled (as yee haue heard) to auoid the
wrath of king William. [Sidenote: _Wil. Malm._ William Gifford bishop of
Winchester. _Hen. Hunt._] Moreouer, he placed in the see of Winchester,
one William Gifford, a graue and discréet person, and also ordeined
moonkes of honest reputation to be abbats in certeine abbies which had
beene long void, and in the hands of William his brother: in like maner
he remitted certeine paiments which his brother and predecessour had
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