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Child of Storm by H. Rider (Henry Rider) Haggard
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Digital Editor's Note:

Italics are represented in the text with _underscores_. In the
interest of readability, where italics are used to indicate
non-English words, I have silently omitted them or replaced them
with quotation marks.

Haggard's spelling, especially of Zulu terms, is wildly inconsistent;
likewise his capitalization, especially of Zulu terms. For example,
Masapo is the chief of the Amansomi until chapter IX; thereafter his
tribe is consistently referred to as the "Amasomi". In general, I
have retained Haggard's spellings.

Some diacriticals in the text could not be represented in 7-bit
ASCII text and have been approximated here. To restore all
formatting, do the following throughout the text:

Replace the pound symbol "#" with the English pound
currency symbol
Place a circumflex accent over the first "e" and
an acute accent over the second "e" in "melee"
Place an acute accent over the first "e" in "ancetres"
Place an umlaut over the "o" in "aas-vogel"
Place an acute accent over the first "e" in "bayete"

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