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Angel Agnes - The Heroine of the Yellow Fever Plague in Shreveport by Charles Wesley Alexander
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Or, the Heroine of the Yellow Fever Plague in Shreveport.

The Strangely Romantic History and Sad Death
Miss Agnes Arnold,
the Adopted Daughter of the Late Samuel Arnold, of This City.

Wealthy, Lovely, and Engaged to Be Married, Yet
This Devoted Girl Volunteered to Go and
Nurse Yellow Fever Patients at
Shreveport, Louisiana.

After Three Weeks of Incessant Labor She Met with a
Painful and Fatal Accident.

_She Died in the Hope of a Blessed Immortality_.

Her Intended Husband, Who Had Followed Her to
Shreveport, Had Already Died, and the Two
Were Buried Side by Side.

Terrible Scenes during the Plague.



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