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Yorkshire Ditties, First Series - To Which Is Added The Cream Of Wit And Humour From His Popular Writings by John Hartley
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Yorkshire Ditties


John Hartley Born 1839 Died 1915

to which is added the Cream of Wit and Humour from his popular writings.

First Series

London W. Nicholson & Sons, Limited, 26, Paternoster Square, E.C
and Albion Works, Wakefield.

[entered at stationers' hall]


As the First Volume of the Yorkshire Ditties has been for some time
out of print, and as there is a great demand for the very humorous
productions of Mr. Hartley's pen, it has been decided to reprint that
Volume, and also a Second One; both to be considerably enlarged and
enriched by Selections from Mr. Hartley's other humorous writings.

The Publishers would also intimate that for this purpose they have
purchased of Mr. Hartley the copyright of the DITTIES, and other
Pieces appended to each Volume.

The Publishers presume that both Volumes will, on account of their
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