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Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, June 20, 1917 by Various
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VOL. 152.

June 20th, 1917.


A man who purchased sandwiches at a railway restaurant and afterwards
threw them into the road was fined five shillings at Grimsby Police
Court last week. His explanation--that he did not know they might
injure the road--was not accepted by the Court.

* * *

We cannot help thinking that too much fuss has been made about trying
to stop Messrs. RAMSAY MACDONALD and JOWETT from leaving England. So
far as we can gather they did not threaten to return to this country

* * *

A North of England man, obviously wishing to appear unusual, still
persists in the stupid story that he did not hear the Messines
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