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Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, September 22, 1920 by Various
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VOL. 159.

September 22nd, 1920.


"'Strike while the iron is hot' must be the motto," says a business
man. Mr. SMILLIE, on the other hand, says that it doesn't so much
matter about the iron being hot.

* * *

A curious story reaches us from the Midlands. It appears that it had
been decided to call out the workmen in a certain factory, but the
strike-leader had unfortunately mislaid his notes and could not
remember their grievance.

* * *

Mr. C.B. COCHRAN has decided to have nothing further to do with the
promotion of boxing-matches owing to the way in which contracts are
continually being broken. It has since been reported that several of
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