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Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, November 3, 1920 by Various
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VOL. 159.

November 3rd, 1920.


"After all," asks a writer, "why shouldn't Ireland have a Parliament,
like England?" Quite frankly we do not like this idea of retaliation
while more humane methods are still unexplored.

* * *

"The miners' strike," says a music-hall journal, "has given one
song-writer the idea for a ragtime song." It is only fair to say that
Mr. SMILLIE had no idea that his innocent little manoeuvre would
lead to this.

* * *

The Admiralty does not propose to publish an official account of the
Battle of Jutland. Indeed the impression is gaining ground that this
battle will have to be cancelled.

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