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Calumet "K" by Samuel Merwin;Henry Kitchell Webster
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The contract for the two million bushel grain elevator, Calumet K,
had been let to MacBride & Company, of Minneapolis, in January, but
the superstructure was not begun until late in May, and at the end of
October it was still far from completion. Ill luck had attended
Peterson, the constructor, especially since August. MacBride, the
head of the firm, disliked unlucky men, and at the end of three
months his patience gave out, and he telegraphed Charlie Bannon to
leave the job he was completing at Duluth and report at once at the
home office.

Rumors of the way things were going at Calumet under the hands of his
younger co-laborer had reached Bannon, and he was not greatly
surprised when MacBride told him to go to Chicago Sunday night and
supersede Peterson.
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