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Yorksher Puddin' - A Collection of the Most Popular Dialect Stories from the - Pen of John Hartley by John Hartley
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Yorksher Puddin'

A collection of the most popular dialect stories
From the pen of John Hartley. Born 1839 Died 1915.

Author of "Yorkshire ditties," "Clock Almanack," "Seets i' london," etc.

"This life, sae far's I understand,
is an enchanted fairy land,
where pleasure is the magic wand, that weilded right,
maks hours like minutes, hand in hand dance by fir' light."

The Copyright of this Book is entirely the property of W. Nicholson and
Sons, and no one will be allowed to print any portion of it without
their permission.


The numerous applications for the productions of Mr. Hartley's pen, the
majority of which have been out of print for many years, warrants us in
believing that this collection of Yorkshire Stories, will be welcomed to
a large circle of his admirers.

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