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The Beautiful Eyes of Ysidria by Charles A. Gunnison
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Xmas, 1894.
In the Embarcadero, Palo Alto,
Santa Clara, California_

The Beautiful Eyes of Ysidria.


Have you seen the magnificent slope of our beloved Tamalpais, as it
curves from the changing colour of the bay, till touching the fleecy fog
rolling in from the Pacific, it passes from day to rest? If you have
not, I hope you may, for the sooner you have this glorious picture on
your memory's walls, the brighter will be your future, and you will have
a bit of beauty which need not be forgotten even in heaven itself.

There is one who, though passing his life beneath its shadow, enjoying
the scented wind from its forests and the music of its birds and
waterfalls and sighing madroƱos, does not see it, yet calls it his God,
and believes it to be the Giver of all good, as we who have never seen
our God feel that One who bestows blessings so bountiful must be
beautiful beyond words.

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