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Hasisadra's Adventure by Thomas Henry Huxley
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Hasisadra's Adventure
by Thomas Henry Huxley
This is Essay #7 from "Science and Hebrew Tradition"

Some thousands of years ago there was a city in Mesopotamia
called Surippak. One night a strange dream came to a dweller
therein, whose name, if rightly reported, was Hasisadra.
The dream foretold the speedy coming of a great flood; and it
warned Hasisadra to lose no time in building a ship, in which,
when notice was given, he, his family and friends, with their
domestic animals and a collection of wild creatures and seed of
plants of the land, might take refuge and be rescued from
destruction. Hasisadra awoke, and at once acted upon the
warning. A strong decked ship was built, and her sides were
paid, inside and out, with the mineral pitch, or bitumen, with
which the country abounded; the vessel's seaworthiness was
tested, the cargo was stowed away, and a trusty pilot or
steersman appointed.

The promised signal arrived. Wife and friends embarked;
Hasisadra, following, prudently "shut the door," or, as we
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