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A Boy's Will by Robert Frost
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A Boy's Will
By Robert Frost

Part I
Into My Own
The youth is persuaded that he will be rather more than less himself
for having forsworn the world.
Ghost House
He is happy in society of his choosing.
My November Guest
He is in love with being misunderstood.
Love and a Question
He is in doubt whether to admit real trouble to a place beside the
hearth with love.
A Late Walk
He courts the autumnal mood.
There is no oversight of human affairs.
Storm Fear
He is afraid of his own isolation.
Wind and Window Flower
Out of the winter things he fashions a story of modern love.
To the Thawing Wind (audio)
He calls on change through the violence of the elements.
A Prayer in Spring
He discovers that the greatness of love lies not in forward-looking
nor yet in any spur it may be to ambition.
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