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Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes
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as you know, with reall testimonies of his good opinion, great in
themselves, and the greater for the worthinesse of his person.
For there is not any vertue that disposeth a man, either to the
service of God, or to the service of his Country, to Civill Society,
or private Friendship, that did not manifestly appear in his
conversation, not as acquired by necessity, or affected upon occasion,
but inhaerent, and shining in a generous constitution of his nature.
Therefore in honour and gratitude to him, and with devotion to your
selfe, I humbly Dedicate unto you this my discourse of Common-wealth.
I know not how the world will receive it, nor how it may reflect on
those that shall seem to favour it. For in a way beset with those that
contend on one side for too great Liberty, and on the other side for too
much Authority, 'tis hard to passe between the points of both unwounded.
But yet, me thinks, the endeavour to advance the Civill Power, should
not be by the Civill Power condemned; nor private men, by reprehending
it, declare they think that Power too great. Besides, I speak not
of the men, but (in the Abstract) of the Seat of Power, (like to those
simple and unpartiall creatures in the Roman Capitol, that with their
noyse defended those within it, not because they were they, but there)
offending none, I think, but those without, or such within
(if there be any such) as favour them. That which perhaps may most offend,
are certain Texts of Holy Scripture, alledged by me to other purpose
than ordinarily they use to be by others. But I have done it with due
submission, and also (in order to my Subject) necessarily; for they are
the Outworks of the Enemy, from whence they impugne the Civill Power.
If notwithstanding this, you find my labour generally decryed, you may
be pleased to excuse your selfe, and say that I am a man that love
my own opinions, and think all true I say, that I honoured your Brother,
and honour you, and have presum'd on that, to assume the Title
(without your knowledge) of being, as I am,
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