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Helen of Troy by Andrew Lang
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by Andrew Lang

"Le joyeulx temps passe souloit estre occasion que je faisoie de
plaisants diz et gracieuses chanconnetes et ballades. Mais je me
suis mis a faire cette traittie d'affliction contre ma droite nature
. . . et suis content de l'avoir prinse, car mes douleurs me semblent
en estre allegees."--Le Romant de Troilus.

To all old Friends; to all who dwell
Where Avon dhu and Avon gel
Down to the western waters flow
Through valleys dear from long ago;
To all who hear the whisper'd spell
Of Ken; and Tweed like music swell
Hard by the Land Debatable,
Or gleaming Shannon seaward go, -
To all old Friends!

To all that yet remember well
What secrets Isis had to tell,
How lazy Cherwell loiter'd slow
Sweet aisles of blossom'd May below -
Whate'er befall, whate'er befell,
To ALL old Friends.

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