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Cowley's Essays by Abraham Cowley
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by Abraham Cowley

Of Liberty
Martial. Lib. 2. Vota tui breviter, etc.
Martial. Lib. 2. Vis fieri Liber, etc.
Martial. Lib. 2. Quod to nomine? etc.
Ode Upon Liberty.
Of Solitude.
Hail, old patrician trees, so great and good!
Of Obscurity.
Seneca, ex Thyeste, Act 2. Chor.
Of Agriculture.
Virg. Georg.--O fortunatus nimium, etc.
Horat. Epodon. Beatus ille qui procul, etc.
The Country Mouse
Horace To Fuscus Aristius.
The Country Life
The Garden
Happy art thou whom God does bless
Of Greatness.
Horace. Lib. 3. Ode 1. Odi profanum vulgus, etc.
Of Avarice.
I admire, Maecenas, how it comes to pass,
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