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History of the Mackenzies, with genealogies of the principal families of the name by Alexander Mackenzie
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software or any other related product without express permission.]

[This book was digitized by William James Mackenzie, III, of
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA in 1999 - 2000. I would
appreciate notice of any corrections needed. This is the edited version
that should have most of the typos fixed. May 2003.]

The book author writes about himself in the SLIOCHD ALASTAIR CHAIM

I have tried to keep everything intact. I have made some small
changes to apparent typographical errors. I have left out the
occasional accent that is used on some Scottish names. For
instance, "Mor" has an accent over the "o." A capital L preceding a
number, denotes the British monetary pound sign.

[Footnotes are in square brackets, book titles and italized words in

Edited and reformatted by Brett Fishburne

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