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The Romance of the Colorado River by Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh
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The Romance of the Colorado River: The Story of its Discovery in
1840, with an Account of the Later Explorations, and with Special
Reference to the Voyages of Powell through the Line of the Great

By Frederick S. Dellenbaugh

Member of the United States Colorado River Expedition of 1871 and 1872

"No sluggish tide congenial to the glooms:
This, as it frothed by, might have been a bath
For the fiend's glowing hoof----"

To my friends and comrades of the Colorado River Expedition of 1871
and 1872 in grateful remembrance.


Early in 1871, when Major Powell* was preparing for his second
descent through the canyons of the Green and Colorado rivers, he was
besieged by men eager to accompany him; some even offered to pay well
for the privilege. It was for me, therefore, a piece of great good
fortune when, after an interview in Chicago with the eminent
explorer, he decided to add me to his small party. I was very young
at the time, but muscular and healthy, and familiar with the handling
of small boats. The Major remarked that in the business before us it
was not so much age and strength that were needed as "nerve," and he
evidently believed I had enough of this to carry me through.
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