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David Crockett by John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott
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wondrous life is worthy of the study of every patriot. Of this
class, their modes of life and habits of thought, the majority of
our citizens know as little as they do of the manners and customs of
the Comanche Indians.

No man can make his name known to the forty millions of this great
and busy republic who has not something very remarkable in his
character or his career. But there is probably not an adult
American, in all these widespread States, who has not heard of David
Crockett. His life is a veritable romance, with the additional charm
of unquestionable truth. It opens to the reader scenes in the lives
of the lowly, and a state of semi-civilization, of which but few of
them can have the faintest idea.

It has not been my object, in this narrative, to defend Colonel
Crockett or to condemn him, but to present his peculiar character
exactly as it was. I have therefore been constrained to insert some
things which I would gladly have omitted.




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