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California Romantic and Resourceful; : a plea for the collection, preservation and diffusion of information relating to Pacific coast history by John Francis Davis
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the boundless future, with the earnest conviction that will develop a
universal brotherhood of man.

- E. D. Baker, Atlantic Cable Address.


Charles Stetson Wheeler

An Able Advocate
A Good Citizen, A Devoted Husband and Father
A Loyal Friend
This Little Book is
Affectionately Dedicated


This plea is an arrow shot into the air. It is the result of an address
which I made at Colton Hall, in Monterey, upon the celebration of
Admission Day, 1908, and another which I made at a luncheon meeting of
the Commonwealth Club, at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, on April 12,
1913. These addresses have been amplified and revised, and certain
statistics contained in them have been brought down to the end of 1913.
In this form they go forth to a larger audience, in the earnest hope
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