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Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of Holland : with a view of the primary causes and movements of the Thirty Years' War, 1614-17 by John Lothrop Motley
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Life and Death of John of Barneveld, v7, 1614-17


The Advocate sounds the Alarm in Germany--His Instructions to
Langerac and his Forethought--The Prince--Palatine and his Forces
take Aachen, Mulheim, and other Towns--Supineness of the
Protestants--Increased Activity of Austria and the League--Barneveld
strives to obtain Help from England--Neuburg departs for Germany--
Barneveld the Prime Minister of Protestantism--Ernest Mansfield
takes service under Charles Emmanuel--Count John of Nassau goes to
Savoy--Slippery Conduct of King James in regard to the New Treaty
proposed--Barneveld's Influence greater in France than in England--
Sequestration feared--The Elector of Brandenburg cited to appear
before the Emperor at Prague--Murder of John van Wely--Uytenbogaert
incurs Maurice's Displeasure--Marriage of the King of France with
Anne of Austria--Conference between King James and Caron concerning
Piracy, Cloth Trade and Treaty of Xanten--Barneveld's Survey of the
Condition of Europe--His Efforts to avert the impending general War.

I have thus purposely sketched the leading features of a couple of
momentous, although not eventful, years--so far as the foreign policy of
the Republic is concerned--in order that the reader may better understand
the bearings and the value of the Advocate's actions and writings at that
period. This work aims at being a political study. I would attempt to
exemplify the influence of individual humours and passions--some of them
among the highest and others certainly the basest that agitate humanity-
upon the march of great events, upon general historical results at
certain epochs, and upon the destiny of eminent personages. It may also
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