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Henrietta's Wish by Charlotte Mary Yonge
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Charlotte M Yonge


On the afternoon of a warm day in the end of July, an open carriage was
waiting in front of the painted toy-looking building which served as
the railway station of Teignmouth. The fine bay horses stood patiently
enduring the attacks of hosts of winged foes, too well-behaved to
express their annoyance otherwise than by twitchings of their sleek
shining skins, but duly grateful to the coachman, who roused himself
now and then to whisk off some more pertinacious tormentor with the end
of his whip.

Less patient was the sole occupant of the carriage, a maiden of about
sixteen years of age, whose shady dark grey eyes, parted lips, and
flushed complexion, were all full of the utmost eagerness, as every two
or three minutes she looked up from the book which she held in her hand
to examine the clock over the station door, compare it with her watch,
and study the countenances of the bystanders to see whether they
expressed any anxiety respecting the non-arrival of the train. All,
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