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Margery — Volume 02 by Georg Ebers
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By Georg Ebers

Volume 2.


Summer wore away; the oats in the forest were garnered and the vintage
had begun in the vine-lands. It was a right glorious sunny day; and if
you ask me at which time of the year forest life is the sweeter, whether
in Springtide or in Autumn, I could scarce say.

Aye, it is fair indeed in the woods when Spring comes gaily in. Spring
is the very Saviour, as it were, of all the numberless folk, great and
small, which grow green and blossom there, wherefore the forest holds
festival for his birthday and cradle feast as is but fitting! The fir-
tree lights up brighter tips to its boughs, as children do with tapers at
Christmastide. Then comes the largesse. It lasts much more than one
evening, and the gifts bestowed on all are without number, and bright and
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