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Margery — Volume 06 by Georg Ebers
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By Georg Ebers

Volume 6.


Shall I now set forth how that Ann and I found Herdegen in his hiding-
place, a simple little beekeeper's but in the most covert part of the
Lorenzer wald, a spot whither no horseman might pass; how that even in
his poor peasant's weed my brother was yet a goodly man, and clasped his
sweetheart in his arms as ardently as in that first day on his homecoming
from Italy--and how that the dear, hunted fellow, beholding me in
mourning dress, took his sister to his heart as soon as his plighted love
had left the place free? Yea, for the dead had been dear to him
likewise, and his love for me had never failed.

When we presently gave ourselves up in peace to the joy of being all
together once more, I weened that his eye was more steadfast, and his
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