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Margery — Volume 07 by Georg Ebers
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By Georg Ebers

Volume 7.


"The old owl! I will give him somewhat to remember me by till some one
else can say 'Gone' over him!" This was what my Uncle Christian growled
a little later, out near the stables, where Matthew was putting the
bridle on my bay nag, while the other serving-men were saddling the
horses for the gentlemen. I had stolen hither, knowing full well that
the old folks would not have suffered me to ride forth after Ann, and my
good godfather even now ceased not from railing, in his fears for his
darling. "What else did we talk of yestereve, Master leech and I, all
the way we rode with the misguided maid, but of the wicked deeds done in
these last few weeks on the high roads, and here in this very wood? With
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