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Margery — Volume 08 by Georg Ebers
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By Georg Ebers

Volume 8.


Our good hope of going forth with good-speed into the wide world to risk
all for our lover and brother was not to be yet. We were fain to take
patience; and if this seemed hard to us maidens, it was even worse for
Kubbeling; the man was wont to wander free whither he would, and during
these days of tarrying at the forest-lodge, first he lost his mirthful
humor, and then he fell sick of a fever. For two long weeks had he to he
abed, he, who, as he himself told, had never to this day needed any
healing but such as the leech who medicined his beasts could give him.
We awaited the tidings of him with much fear; and at this time we
likewise knew not what to think of those gentlemen who heretofore had
been such steadfast and faithful friends to us, inasmuch as that Doctor
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