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Memoirs or Chronicle of the Fourth Crusade and the Conquest of Constantinople by Geoffroi de Villehardouin
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early age of thirty seven, Innocent III was one of the leading spirits
of his time-in every sense a strong man and great Pope. From the
beginning of his pontificate he turned his thoughts and policy to the
recovery of Jerusalem. ]


livered from all the sins they had committed, and acknowledged in
confession. And because this indulgence was so great, the hearts of
men were much moved, and many took the cross for the greatness of the


The other year after that right worthy man Fulk had so spoken of God,
there was held a tourney in Champagne, at a castle called Ecri, and by
God's grace it so happened that Thibaut, Count of Champagne and Brie,
took the cross, and the Count Louis of Blois and Chartres likewise;
and this was at the beginning of Advent (28th November 1199). Now you
must know that this Count Thibaut was but a young man, and not more
than twenty-two years of age, and the Count Louis not more than
twenty-seven. These two counts were nephews and cousins-german to the
King of France, and, on the other part, nephews to the King of

With these two counts there took the cross two very high and puissant
barons of France, Simon of Montfort*, and Renaud of Montmirail. Great
was the fame thereof throughout the land when these two high and
puissant men took the cross.

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