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Lady Clare by Alfred Lord Tennyson
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"In came old Alice the nurse", by Alfred Fredericks

"'Oh, God be thanked!' said Alice the nurse", by Granville Perkins

"Are ye out of your mind, my nurse, my nurse", by Alfred Fredericks

"Falsely, falsely have ye done", by Frederic B. Schnell

"'If I'm a beggar born,' she said", by Alfred Fredericks

"'Nay now, my child.' said Alice the nurse", by Granville Perkins

"Yet give one kiss to your mother, dear!", by Alfred Fredericks

"She clad herself in a russet gown", by Alfred Fredericks

"The lily-white doe Lord Ronald had brought", by F. S. Church

"Down stepped Lord Ronald from his tower", by Granville Perkins

"If I come dressed like a village maid", by Alfred Fredericks

"'Play me no tricks,' said Lord Ronald", by Edmund H. Garrett

"Oh, and proudly stood she up", by Harry Fenn

"He laughed a laugh of merry score", by Alfred Fredericks

"If you are not the heiress born", by Edmund H. Garrett

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