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Chaucer's Official Life by James Root Hulbert
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In making reference to books and manuscripts, I have attempted to use
abbreviations which seem, reasonably clear. Perhaps the least
intelligible are C. R. which stands for Close Rolls, and L. R. which
stands for Life Records of Chaucer (Chaucer Soc.) Wherever possible, I
have referred to prints rather than to original manuscripts because the
printed calendars are much more accessible. In a work which has involved
the copying of innumerable references, many of which are to documents in
the Public Record Office not available to me as I revise my copy, it is
too much to expect that there should be no inaccuracies. Therefore, if
the reader discovers erroneous references, I must ask his leniency.

For their courtesy and assistance in making books and documents
accessible to me, I wish most heartily to thank J. A. Herbert, Esq., of
the Manuscript Department, the British Museum, and Edward Salisbury,
Esq., and Hubert Hall, Esq., of the Public Record Office. To my friend
and colleague, Dr. Thomas A. Knott, of the University of Chicago, I am
deeply indebted for his kindness in reading over parts of my manuscript
and trying to make their style clearer and more readable. My greatest
obligation, however, is to Professor John M. Manly, not only for
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