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The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot
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The Mill on the Floss

George Eliot

Table of Contents

Book I: Boy and Girl

1. Outside Dorlcote Mill
2. Mr. Tulliver, of Dorlcote Mill, Declares His Resolution about Tom
3. Mr. Riley Gives His Advice Concerning a School for Tom
4. Tom Is Expected
5. Tom Comes Home
6. The Aunts and Uncles Are Coming
7. Enter the Aunts and Uncles
8. Mr. Tulliver Shows His Weaker Side
9. To Garum Firs
10. Maggie Behaves Worse Than She Expected
11. Maggie Tries to Run away from Her Shadow
12. Mr. and Mrs. Glegg at Home
13. Mr. Tulliver Further Entangles the Skein of Life

Book II: School-Time
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