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Observations of a Retired Veteran by Henry C. Tinsley
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("P. Boyzy")


The essays contained in this little book comprise a selection from
many of a like character which were contributed at intervals through
a series of years to the columns of the VINDICATOR, a weekly newspaper
of Staunton, Virginia, by its editor, the late Henry C. Tinsley, under
the pen-name of "P. Boyzy." The perusal of them in their present form
will serve to confirm the opinion of those who read them as they then
appeared, that they possess in marked degree the unusual quality of
a winning humor coupled with the pathos that is often humor's most
exquisite accompaniment; and that they combine a shrewd if homely wit
with a profound knowledge of the workings of the human heart.

In the more strenuous life of political journalism, to which Mr. Tinsley
devoted his energies from the time when he laid down his arms at the
close of the War between the States to the beginning of his last
lingering illness, these "Observations" were for him but an inadequate
outlet for the expression of the courageous and hopeful philosophy
which was always his distinguishing characteristic. To cover his pain
with a jest,--to preach without cant the gospel of love,--to do the
best that he could do according to the lights before him--these generous
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