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Children of the Bush by Henry Lawson
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Children of the Bush by Henry Lawson


Send Round the Hat: 1901
The Pretty Girl in the Army: 1901
"Lord Douglas": 1901
The Blindness of One-eyed Brogan: 1901
The Sundowners: 1901
A Sketch of Mateship: 1902
On the Tucker Track: 1897
A Bush Publican's Lament: 1901
The Shearer's Dream: 1902
The Lost Souls' Hotel: 1902
The Boozers' Home: 1899
The Sex Problem Again: 1898
The Romance of the Swag: 1901
"Buckholts' Gate": 1901
The Bush-Fire: 1901
The House that Was Never Built: 1901
"Barney, Take me home Again": 1901
A Droving Yarn: 1899
Gettin' Back on Dave Regan: 1901
"Shall We Gather at the River": 1901
His Brother's Keeper: 1901
The Ghosts of Many Christmases: 1901

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