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The Consolidator - or, Memoirs of Sundry Transactions from the World in the Moon by Daniel Defoe
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The Consolidator: or,
Memoirs of Sundry Transactions
From the World in the Moon.

Translated from the Lunar Language,
By the Author of The True-born English Man.

It cannot be unknown to any that have travell'd into the Dominions of
the Czar of Muscovy, that this famous rising Monarch, having studied
all Methods for the Encrease of his Power, and the Enriching as well
as Polishing his Subjects, has travell'd through most part of Europe,
and visited the Courts of the greatest Princes; from whence, by his
own Observation, as well as by carrying with him Artists in most
useful Knowledge, he has transmitted most of our General Practice,
especially in War and Trade, to his own Unpolite People; and the
Effects of this Curiosity of his are exceeding visible in his present
Proceedings; for by the Improvements he obtained in his European
Travels, he has Modell'd his Armies, form'd new Fleets, settled
Foreign Negoce in several remote Parts of the World; and we now see
his Forces besieging strong Towns, with regular Approaches; and his
Engineers raising Batteries, throwing Bombs, &c. like other Nations;
whereas before, they had nothing of Order among them, but carried all
by Ouslaught and Scalado, wherein they either prevailed by the Force
of Irresistible Multitude, or were Slaughter'd by heaps, and left the
Ditches of their Enemies fill'd with their Dead Bodies.

We see their Armies now form'd into regular Battalions; and their
Strelitz Musqueteers, a People equivalent to the Turks Janizaries,
cloath'd like our Guards, firing in Platoons, and behaving themselves
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