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Paul Clifford — Volume 04 by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton
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By Edward Bulwer Lytton


Whackum. My dear rogues, dear boys, Bluster and Dingboy! you
are the bravest fellows that ever scoured yet!--SUADWELL:

Cato, the Thessalian, was wont to say that some things may be
done unjustly, that many things may be done justly.--LORD BACON
(being a, justification of every rascality).

Although our three worthies had taken unto themselves a splendid lodging
in Milsom Street, which, to please Ned, was over a hairdresser's shop,
yet, instead of returning thither, or repairing to such taverns as might
seem best befitting their fashion and garb, they struck at once from the
gay parts of the town, and tarried not till they reached a mean-looking
alehouse in a remote suburb.

The door was opened to them by an elderly lady; and Clifford, stalking
before his companions into an apartment at the back of the house, asked
if the other gentlemen were come yet.

"No," returned the dame. "Old Mr. Bags came in about ten minutes ago;
but hearing more work might be done, he went out again."

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