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Paul Clifford — Volume 05 by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton
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direction of his own home. He had already reached the end of the street,
when his resolution seemed to change, and muttering to himself, "Ay, I
might as well arrange this very night for our departure!" he turned his
horse's head backward, and was once more at the tavern door. He threw
the bridle over an iron railing, and knocking with a peculiar sound at
the door, was soon admitted.

Are ------ and ------- here?" asked he of the old woman, as he entered,
mentioning the cant words by which, among friends, Tomlinson and Pepper
were usually known.

"They are both gone on the sharps to-night," replied the old lady,
lifting her unsnuffed candle to the face of the speaker with an
intelligent look; Oliver (the moon) is sleepy, and the lads will take
advantage of his nap."

"Do you mean," answered Clifford, replying in the same key, which we take
the liberty to paraphrase, "that they are out on any actual expedition?"

"To be sure," rejoined the dame. "They who lag late on the road may want
money for supper!"

"Ha! which road?"

"You are a pretty fellow for captain!" rejoined the dame, with a good-
natured sarcasm in her tone. "Why, Captain Gloak, poor fellow! knew
every turn of his men to a hair, and never needed to ask what they were
about. Ah, he was a fellow! none of your girl-faced mudgers, who make
love to ladies, forsooth,--a pretty woman need not look far for a kiss
when he was in the room, I warrant, however coarse her duds might be; and
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