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Robin Hood by J. Walker (Joseph Walker) McSpadden
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CHAPTER XII How Maid Marion Came Back to Sherwood Forest;
Also, How Robin Hood Came Before Queen Eleanor

CHAPTER XIII How the Outlaws Shot in King Harry's Tourney

CHAPTER XIV How Robin Hood Was Sought of the Tinker

CHAPTER XV How Robin Hood Was Tanned of the Tanner

CHAPTER XVI How Robin Hood Met Sir Richard of the Lea

CHAPTER XVII How the Bishop Was Dined

CHAPTER XVIII How the Bishop Went Outlaw-Hunting

CHAPTER XIX How the Sheriff Held Another Shooting Match

CHAPTER XX How Will Stutely Was Rescued

CHAPTER XXI How Sir Richard of the Lea Repaid His Debt

CHAPTER XXII How King Richard Came to Sherwood Forest

CHAPTER XXIII How Robin Hood and Maid Marion Were Wed

CHAPTER XXIV How Robin Hood Met His Death

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