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Jane Talbot by Charles Brockden Brown
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Jane Talbot


Charles Brockden Brown.

Letter I

_To Henry Colden_

Philadelphia, Monday Evening, October 3.

I am very far from being a wise girl. So conscience whispers me, and,
though vanity is eager to refute the charge, I must acknowledge that she
is seldom successful. Conscience tells me it is folly, it is guilt, to
wrap up my existence in one frail mortal; to employ all my thoughts, to
lavish all my affections, upon one object; to dote upon a human being,
who, as such, must be the heir of many frailties, and whom I know to be
not without his faults; to enjoy no peace but in his presence, to be
grateful for his permission to sacrifice fortune, ease, life itself, for
his sake.

From the humiliation produced by these charges, vanity endeavours to
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