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Life and Travels of Mungo Park in Central Africa by Mungo Park
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engage Park's services. His preparations and departure.


Park's motives for undertaking the voyage--his instructions and
departure--arrives at Jillifree, on the Gambia River--proceeds to
Vintain. Some account of the Feloops. Proceeds up the river for
Jonkakonda--arrives at Dr. Laidley's. Some account of Pisania, and the
British factory established at that place. The Author's employment during
his stay at Pisania--his sickness and recovery--the country
described--prepares to set out for the interior.


Description of the Feloops, the Jaloffs, the Foulahs, and Mandingoes.
Some account of the trade between the nations of Europe and the natives
of Africa by the way of the Gambia, and between the native inhabitants of
the coast and the nations of the interior countries--their mode of
selling and buying, &c.


The Author sets out from Pisania--his attendants--reaches Jindy. Story
related by a Mandingo Negro. Proceeds to Medina, the capital of Woolli.
Interview with the King. Saphies or charms. Proceeds to Kolor.
Description of Mumbo Jumbo--arrives at Koojar--wrestling match--crosses
the wilderness, and arrives at Tallika, in the Kingdom of Bondou.
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