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Lady Audley's Secret by M. E. (Mary Elizabeth) Braddon
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Mary Elizabeth Braddon



It lay down in a hollow, rich with fine old timber and luxuriant
pastures; and you came upon it through an avenue of limes, bordered on
either side by meadows, over the high hedges of which the cattle looked
inquisitively at you as you passed, wondering, perhaps, what you wanted;
for there was no thorough-fare, and unless you were going to the Court
you had no business there at all.

At the end of this avenue there was an old arch and a clock tower, with
a stupid, bewildering clock, which had only one hand--and which jumped
straight from one hour to the next--and was therefore always in
extremes. Through this arch you walked straight into the gardens of
Audley Court.

A smooth lawn lay before you, dotted with groups of rhododendrons, which
grew in more perfection here than anywhere else in the county. To the
right there were the kitchen gardens, the fish-pond, and an orchard
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