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Narrative and Legendary Poems, Complete - Volume I., the Works of Whittier by John Greenleaf Whittier
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The Standard Library Edition of Mr. Whittier's writings comprises his
poetical and prose works as re-arranged and thoroughly revised by
himself or with his cooperation. Mr. Whittier has supplied such
additional information regarding the subject and occasion of certain
poems as may be stated in brief head-notes, and this edition has been
much enriched by the poet's personal comment. So far as practicable the
dates of publication of the various articles have been given, and since
these were originally published soon after composition, the dates of
their first appearance have been taken as determining the time at which
they were written. At the request of the Publishers, Mr. Whittier has
allowed his early poems, discarded from previous collections, to be
placed, in the general order of their appearance, in an appendix to the
final volume of poems. By this means the present edition is made so
complete and retrospective that students of the poet's career will
always find the most abundant material for their purpose. The Publishers
congratulate themselves and the public that the careful attention which
Mr. Whittier has been able to give to this revision of his works has
resulted in so comprehensive and well-adjusted a collection.

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