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A Slave Girl's Story - Being an Autobiography of Kate Drumgoold. by Kate Drumgoold
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A Slave Girl's Story

_Being an Autobiography of_




Once a slave girl, I have endeavored to fill the pages with some of the
most interesting thoughts that my mind is so full of, and not with
something that is dry.

This sketch is written for the good of those that have written and
prayed that the slaves might be a freed people, and have schools and
books and learn to read and write for themselves; and the Lord, in His
love for us and to us as a race, has ever found favor in His sight, for
when we were in the land of bondage He heard the prayers of the faithful
ones, and came to deliver them out of the Land of Egypt.

For God loves those that are oppressed, and will save them when they cry
unto him, and when they put their trust in Him.