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The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot
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1. Tom's "First Half"
2. The Christmas Holidays
3. The New Schoolfellow
4. "The Young Idea"
5. Maggie's Second Visit
6. A Love-Scene
7. The Golden Gates Are Passed

Book III: The Downfall

1. What Had Happened at Home
2. Mrs. Tulliver's Teraphim, or Household Gods
3. The Family Council
4. A Vanishing Gleam
5. Tom Applies His Knife to the Oyster
6. Tending to Refute the Popular Prejudice against the Present of a
7. How a Hen Takes to Stratagem
8. Daylight on the Wreck
9. An Item Added to the Family Register

Book IV: The Valley of Humiliation

1. A Variation of Protestantism Unknown to Bossuet
2. The Torn Nest Is Pierced by the Thorns
3. A Voice from the Past